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Full Day Hiking Tour
To The Akayu Onsen 
Deeply Hidden Secret Hot Spring

If you like onsen and hiking we have a few options which will match your interests.
The longest of them and probably most rewarding is Akayu Onsen. 
It starts with a 15 minutes drive from Prince Hotel to the bridge crossing Kiyotsu River. 

From there a 4,5 km hike begins. With over 400m vertical ascend and almost 300m descend is a diverse trail with a few steeper sections. 

You'll be surrounded by exceptional beauty of the lush green forest all the time with a few moments where we could enjoy more panoramic mountain views as well.

There are always some cold drinks to buy waiting for thirsty hikers in the Akayu Onsen and a bath costs only 500 yen. 

The roundtrip tour with a time to take a dip in the hot spring should take around 6 to 7 hours. 

It's a rewarding experience worth trying by anybody visiting Naeba. 

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