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SUPer Cool Adventures Awaits!

Do you enjoy staying active and keeping fit? Or do you prefer to take it easy and relax?

Whichever you prefer, Stand Up Paddleboarding is an excellent option! You can even sit or lie down in the middle of the lake without covering long distances.

There are no specific goals in this activity; it's all about enjoyment and fun.

However you choose to experience it, the choice is entirely up to you.

We'll guide you to discover amazing places and ensure the safety of you and your group during your leisure time.

You have a few choices, each offering beautiful journey in two prefectures:

Choose from the vast Akaya Lake in Gunma or the smaller Daigenta Lake in Niigata.
If you choose full day trip we can take you to the further Fujiwara Lake in Gunma as well. 

If you ask us, all of them are definitely worth a trip.

Why not see for yourself?



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